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Creed Essay Nco-30
: Explain why you believe the NCO creed was selected as the reading for this assignment. Close your essay in a way that flows well with the tone you used for your essay and end it in a way that feels natural to you.No one is more professional than I, I am an a Noncommissioned Officer...

Junior Marines follow what they are taught and will look up to you as their leader.

When a Marine is promoted to NCO, E-4 or E-5, the Noncommissioned officer’s creed is read during the ceremony.

The motivational guideline is a rite of passage that reminds us of why we are NCOs.

This app provides real tools to use against the 10,000 things you've got to do as an NCO. Create rosters, take accountability and save as for your records.

Wether your squad is all present and accounted for or you've got Troops all over the place we've got you covered with build your own notes.


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