Critical Thinking And Study Skills

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The name is pretty self-explanatory - the children pretend they are going to go on a voyage into space.As a class or in small groups the children decide what they should bring on their voyage.

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You are trapped in a maze when you come across two doors, each of which has a guard standing in front. Another excellent example, though more complicated, is a game called the Prisoner's Dilemma.

One of the doors leads to your freedom and the other, to certain death. The rules (and a few interactive examples) can be found by searching the Internet. Critical thinking is intentional thought that is logical, rational, and open-minded.

One in G Major.' Is this the greatest song ever written?

Probably not, but you certainly have utilized critical thinking and come to a better conclusion than your former friend.

Let us first start by trying to define critical thinking.

This can be quite the challenge as there are as many definitions are there are thinkers, so we'll try and condense all these definitions down to the most succinct possible answer.

You'll weigh various factors, break down information, and use reason and logic to sort through information to find out what is best.

Eventually you settle on your idea of the best song ever written, Bach's 'Cello Suite No.

So now that we know the fundamentals of what makes critical thinking, how do we encourage its development?

This depends greatly on the age and ability of the students in question.


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