Critical Thinking Practice Exercises

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Always seek external advice on situations or facts you don’t understand.

But never form a judgment based on the advice given.

That’s why Andrew Carnegie said that the first prerequisite for success is to concentrate your thoughts and your energies on the task at hand.

And here is the prime condition of success, the great secret.

Critical thinking is a skill that only few possess. Do you want to develop the skill to think with strategic intent and direction?

Do you want to develop your critical thinking skills?Now how do you develop your critical thinking skills? Believe in yourself Self belief is the first prerequisite for engaging in critical thinking.How do you solve a problem when you don’t believe in yourself? To analyze a situation and come up with a possible solution, you must believe in your skills and abilities.You must see yourself as being capable of handling the situation. Learn to concentrate on a single task or problem The second step to developing your critical thinking skill is to learn how to concentrate on a single task or problem at a time.Those who get things done are those who focus on solving one problem first before moving on to another.You must never reject anything outside your reality.You must keep your mind open and absorb as much external information as you can regarding the situation at hand; then you can proceed to analyze, filter and process the acquired information.7.Great critical thinkers and problem solvers are those who think on their feet; even in the face of pressure.6.Learn to think an open mind No man can claim monopoly of knowledge and every once in a while; solutions to problems come from external sources.Be a voracious reader This tip is self explanatory.If you want to develop your critical thinking skills, you must be a voracious reader.


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