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Idea 13 Match game: Match quotes to the curriculum or current events.What quote could be the epitaph of whatever it is the class is studying?

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Here are 20 ideas for activities students and teachers can do with quotations (either the ones here or others).

Idea 1 Quote comparison: Either randomly or with deliberate intention pair quotes for comparison and contrast.

Quotes lend themselves easily to critical thinking skills, and they are as useful in the home as conversation starters as well.

Meta-cognition (thinking about thinking) often fascinates gifted learners, and quotations are an accessible and time-effective way to introduce this in the classroom.

They may change the quotes into questions in order to make the conversation flow, if they desire.

Idea 6 Make a movie or slideshow: Power Point has the ability to convert the presentation to a movie.Idea 11 Make into inspirational poster: You can do this for free and easily at Big Huge Labs.Find images from Flickr (use advanced search to find results with Creative Commons licenses) or at freeimages (again, used advanced search to select unrestricted photos).What quote is most likely to be used by a person or in a certain situation?Idea 10 Yoda-cize: Have students change the syntax of a quote to match the way Yoda would say it (e.g., cannot hold a man down without staying with him you must).Encouraging quotes can be folded into cranes and given to students or faculty or community members who are in need of encouragement.For instructions for a variety of origami folding projects, visit Idea 15 Bracket challenge: List the quotes by number on a bracket challenge template.Additionally, there is a comprehensive section on how to use quotes in the classroom in a variety of ways.Each of these is explained in the applicable section.Idea 4 License plate: Create a license plate that captures the idea of a quote. This site has templates for each state, so students can create a license plate for their home state or a state that they feel matches the tone of the quote.Idea 5 Create a conversation: Have students select a series of quotes and organize them into a conversation with the quotes responding to each other.


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