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William Graham Sumner, a professor of sociology from Yale University, was one of the first scholars to examine the construct of critical thinking.In 1906, he sparked controversy within the field of sociology as he examined the idea of critical thinking through the framework of Darwin's theory of evolution.

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Whether you're new to university, haven't studied for a while, or are part way through your degree, there is a set of skills that are essential to your success.

The University's Study Skills service will help you to develop and enhance those skills so that you're better prepared for university study, helping you to improve your grades and even helping in your professional and personal life.

As a writer, you will develop effective methods for approaching, planning, and completing related writing assignments.

This course is designed to help you become a critical thinker; a more alert and critical reader; and a writer who is better able to both assess the reasonableness of your own ideas, and to communicate them clearly and effectively.

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By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.Sumner advocated that critical thinking requires cultivation within an environment that would nurture its development.As students evolve in their thinking, they develop the habits of constantly weighing evidence, resisting bias, and viewing the world as something "open to unlimited verification and revision" (Sumner, 1906, p. As such, critical thinking requires more than just the acquisition of information or the demonstration of problem solving or decision making skills.When you have completed this course you should be able to: Your final mark for Philosophy 152: Basics in Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing is based on your grades in five written assignments, as well as two activities and two skills modules.To receive credit for PHIL 152, you must complete all assignments and achieve a composite course grade of at least D (50 percent).In 2016, the World Economic Forum published The Future of Jobs report.It projected that by 2020, the top skills valued by employers would be complex problem solving and critical thinking.More recently, the published by the Economist Intelligence Unit argued that the education systems of the future need to help students "master a suite of adaptable interpersonal, problem-solving and critical thinking skills" (Walton, 2017, p. Beyond preparing students for the workforce, the [Students] educated in [critical thinking] cannot be stampeded by stump orators and are never deceived by dithyrambic oratory. They can hold things as possible or probable in all degrees, without certainty and without pain.They can wait for evidence and weigh evidence, uninfluenced by the emphasis or confidence with which assertions are made on one side or the other.However, it also continues to be an increasingly important skill not only to prepare students for the future of work but also for the future of society. We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.


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