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I think you’ll probably agree that these are the fundamentals your students consider when they encounter media messages.These questions can be applied to every kind of media you might use in instruction.

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How to Motivate Students to Take Ownership of Their Learning Social studies teacher Sarah Cooper describes how she has used the free Common Lit text resources to grow her middle school students’ discussion and analysis skills. Edutopia’s Critical Thinking Resources This page at Edutopia curates a rich selection of articles about teaching students to think more critically, “whether via classroom discussions, analysis of written text, higher-order questioning, or other strategies.” See, for example, The Art of Reflection, and Teaching Adolescents How to Evaluate the Quality of Online Information and Turning Your Students into Web Detectives.

Also check out Edutopia’s articles tagged Media Literacy.

► What happens if we don’t teach critical thinking?

► In what ways are you teaching “critical thinking skills” in your classroom?

That includes photographs, magazine articles, commercials, video/film clips, social media messages, TV programs and much more (yes, even bumper stickers and slogans on t-shirts).

The Center for Media Literacy offers a downloadable “Media Lit Kit” that elaborates on each of Thoman’s questions as well as five parallel media literacy core concepts.

“These assessments show students online content—a webpage, a conversation on Facebook, or the comment section of a news article—and ask them to reason about that content.

We’ve designed paper tasks as well as tasks that students complete digitally.

” At a recent arts integration education conference in my home state of South Carolina, I displayed the following photograph and asked the mostly teacher audience my standard question.

As you might guess, some participants responded with a groan, perhaps triggered by confirmation bias.


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