Critical Thinking Social Work

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Verbal Communication Verbal communication involves actively listening to understand and speaking to be understood by your audience.While many social work students arrive at graduate school with sophisticated levels of skill in observation, self-awareness, critical thinking, and verbal and written communication, the [email protected] program will provide you with daily opportunities to sharpen these tools – in your classes, study groups, and field placements. Observation As a lifelong student of human behavior in the social environment, a social work practitioner begins as an applied social scientist.Despite many MSW graduates’ dark memories of their mandatory research course, social work practice often starts with a primary research method – observation. Before, during, and after you asked a single question, you used your senses to observe and record not only the client’s verbal responses but also his or her nonverbal communication.Together they wrote, Critical Thinking for Helping Professionals: A Skills-Based Workshop, 3rd edition, which is designed to engage readers as active participants in honing their critical thinking skills, mastering a coherent decision-making process, and integrating the evidence-based practice process into their work with clients. Your supervisor says “Refer the client to the Altona Family Service Agency. Lynch abuses her child because she is schizophrenic.In the excerpt below the authors introduce what issues require critical thinking and what questions should arise. A professor tells you: “some people who have a problem with alcohol can learn to be controlled drinkers; abstinence is not required for all people.” Will you believe her simply because she says so? They know how to help these clients.” Would you take her advice? She has been diagnosed schizophrenic by two psychiatrists.You read an article stating that “grassroots community organization will not be effective in alienated neighborhoods.” What questions would you raise?Finally, a social worker tells you that because Mrs.Proposal writing skills, including the ability to write program evaluation plans and reports, are highly desirable to potential employers. In addition to inviting faculty to offer their feedback, openly discuss your goals with your field instructor and develop a plan to assess and monitor your growth in these areas.Use this time to take risks and learn from mistakes while you have the support to mitigate their consequences.It requires paying attention to the process of reasoning, not just the product.Paul (1993) lists purposes first as one of nine components of critical thinking…If our purpose is to help clients, then we must carefully consider our beliefs and actions.


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