Critical Thinking Strategies For Reading Comprehension

Higher-order thinking is the ability to think beyond rote memorization of facts or knowledge. Higher order thinking skills involve actually doing something with the facts that we learn.

Most importantly they can apply them to find new solutions to problems.

Students with poor reading comprehension skills may be able to answer concrete questions or recall details. But they may have a difficult time summarizing information, or comparing one story to another, or using new information to reach new conclusions.

Ask how a situation in the story or text could affect other characters.

This will help students develop empathy and understand different viewpoints as well as consequences.

With step-by-step instruction that is designed to build up analytical thinkers, your students will deep dive into high-interest nonfiction articles, analyze primary sources (maps, census reports, population charts), and complete document-based, follow up questions, all of which is included on the Teacher Resource CD.

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Help students think beyond the story by asking what could have been done differently for a better outcome.

This invites creative thinking and problem solving – skills essential in a competitive market place.

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