Critical Thinking Test

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The other is an 80-minute test, which is to be completed within 60 minutes.

The test is usually taken at a computer in the earlier stages of an application process, but may also appear at an assessment centre.

These are an issue for critical thinkers because, as a rule, claims made without factual evidence are unhelpful and can be misleading.

For example, imagine if you worked at a company, and the success and survival of it depended on a continued market demand for DVDs.

Assumption questions are more straightforward than inferences because you don’t need to worry about probability.

All you need to do is see if the argument relies on any of the assumptions in order to be correct.

Take a look at the following answers and explanations to the above example: Assumption 1: There will be no ducks at the point. Explanation: In order to only see swans at the pond, there must be no other birds.

Since ducks are a kind of bird, their presence at the point would mean you’d see them as well as swans. Explanation: The statement does not specify what colour the swans have to be, only that swans have to be seen.

Therefore, there cannot be any ducks at the pond in order to only see swans. Therefore, this assumption is not implied by the statement.

Assumption 3: There will be swans at the pond today. Explanation: This is an assumption made by the initial statement because in order to see swans at the pond, there must be swans at the pond.


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