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In episode 4, during a scene in a theatre, several characters from Evangelion are clearly depicted sitting in the theatre.

Gear Fighter Dendoh is a lesser-known mecha series by the Gundam SEED director Mitsuo Fukuda.

(See Deranged's walkthrough on Gamefaqs.) Dendoh's episode 18 is another, less inventive medley of Evangelion spoofs.

Gulfer emperor's pet, Ragoh, has infected Dendoh's Data Weapons with a deadly computer virus, which is now slowly taking over their bodies.

The ludicrous recharging operation becomes a race against time as a huge, slowly-crawling machine beast (looking vaguely like a cross-breed between Ramiel and Matarael) begins to home in on Dendoh's location in the mountains.

In the ensuing beam sniping match Dendoh's Final Attack pushes back the machine beast's beam, destroying the invader.

Students summon characters with their equivalent test mark scores and use them to compete with other classes.

A 12 episode anime series from the 2014 Summer season about a calligrapher named Handa Seishu who was exiled to a small island because he punched a famous calligrapher. , a show about Momiji, a poverty god, who attempts to take away the happiness energy surrounded by the other main character, Sakura, in episode 4, there's a Lance of Longinus that makes an appearance in the background: The main character lifts a bathtub like Asuka/Unit-02 in End of Evangelion.

When the Gulfer aliens use a swarm of tiny machine beasts to sap all electricity from Earth's power plants, GEAR HQ must devise an alternate way to recharge their battery-powered giant robot.

Their ingenious solution is to harness together a huge number of small stand-alone power sources, including gasoline-powered generators, car and motorcycle engines, bicycle dynamos and even batteries from household appliances and children's toys.


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