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A cryogenic treatment is the process of treating workpieces to cryogenic temperatures (i.e.below −190 °C (−310 °F)) in order to remove residual stresses and improve wear resistance on steels.Return to Top — is a biweekly international medium for the publication of original papers and review articles on fundamental theoretical and experimental research developments in all areas of cryogenics and low temperature physics.

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Also, archival results of research that focuses on the evaluation of thermophysical properties associated with heat and mass transfer, as well as on the theory of heat and mass transfer, are published.

The is a semi-monthly newsletter providing global coverage of the technology and commercialization of low- and high-temperature superconductors and cryogenics for large- and small-scale applications.

By using liquid nitrogen, the temperature can go as low as −196 °C.

It can have a profound effect on the mechanical properties of certain materials, such as steels or tungsten carbide.

It can be defined as rolling that is carried out at cryogenic temperatures.

Nanostructured materials are produced chiefly by severe plastic deformation processes.

It can also be useful to preserve the integrity and quality of the machined surfaces in finish machining operations.

Cryogenic machining tests have been performed by researchers since several decades,, is one of the potential techniques to produce nanostructured bulk materials from its bulk counterpart at cryogenic temperatures.

A few copies are available through Centennial Conferences.

This biennial conference (odd years) is dedicated to all aspects of Magnet Technology, with a significant focus on superconducting magnets.


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