Culture And Sociology Essay

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It helps to start with forms, with meaningful, repeated patterns of behavior or style. Defamiliarization: A ritual analysis involves making the common seem uncommon, taking something from our culture's unquestioned stock of background knowledge and bringing it into the foreground, taking something we assume to be "given" or natural, and showing it to be socially constructed. First, you can imagine yourself as a Martian anthropologist, trying to make sense of the peculiar activities of the naked apes that call themselves Americans.

Second, you can try to reveal the underlying cultural codes by substituting characters and/or contexts in your mind.

However, stern opposition to the use of sociology in grasping literature has been widespread.

Wellek and Warren wrote that the link between literature and society is narrow and external.

The novel, as one of the major genres in literature, can be regarded as an effort to recreate the social world; relations between human beings and their family, environment, politics, state and others.

Their distinction: while sociology makes an objective analysis of society, literature penetrates into the surface of social structure and expresses human beings’ ways of comprehending their society with their feeling.When writing your ritual analysis, it is useful to remember several things:1.Thick Description: A ritual analysis is not just a step by step recounting of concrete events; it tries to reveal the many layers of meaning imbedded in cultural events and activities.Constant endeavors to fathom a close relationship between society and literature have made it into the academic field. It refers to and gets cushioned by two different academic disciplines — sociology and literary study.In short, sociology is an objective and scientific study of humans in society and the review of social institution and process.Marxist critics try to judge the literary piece from ethical and political criteria, which basically are non-literary.Furthermore, they define the idea that literature should reflect its age and society as representing proletarian or the ideology of the author.Swingewood opined that a great number of sociology of literature writings was bad, unscientific and backward concerning the sociological viewpoint that exposed the baseless correlation between literary text and social history.For literary critics, literature is a self-fulfilling activity, which should be viewed from its intrinsic structures, like metaphors, image constructions, rhythm, characterizations, plot dynamics and so on.External elements are additional but play no role in providing an explanation.The textualists stand against the notion that extrinsic components help readers comprehend literary pieces.


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