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She was a pretty American girl who was very fresh and different compared to the unmarried women of Europe.Although, at first, Winterbourne was bemused by Daisy’s talkative nature and wondered if she may have been a coquette, he deduced that Daisy was just acting in an American manner.

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She “was a young lady whom a gentleman need no longer be at pains to respect.” He was angry that he wasted so much time trying to understand Daisy, when her innocence was nothing more than an act.

Daisy was still talked about by the aristocrats, but Winterbourne no longer felt the need to defend her.

Daisy, however, is absolutely delighted with the continent, especially the high society she wishes to enter.

Winterbourne is at first confused by her attitude, and though greatly impressed by her beauty, he soon determines that she is nothing more than a young flirt.

He defends Daisy to the aristocracy, claiming that she is just “uncultivated” and is truly innocent.

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As the story progresses, Winterbourne finds himself questioning Daisy’s true nature in comparison to the standards of European society.

Costello, once again, talked about the Millers, especially Daisy, condescendingly.

Winterbourne, again, defended them claiming, “they are very ignorant – very innocent only,” but not necessarily bad people. Daisy refused because she was “so enchanted just as she was”. Walker said that walking with two men was not the custom in Rome and Daisy responded, “Well, it ought to be!

Weeks later, Winterbourne journeyed to Rome where the Millers were staying.

He visited his aunt before finding Daisy in the city and Mrs.


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