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facilitating efficient prioritization and scoring of risk assessment.

Most organizations today have a secondary data center or external wholesale colocation backup facilities, but having a planned Disaster Recovery colocation blueprint is critical to assess the vulnerabilities of various risks affecting the data center reliability and functionality.

The DR blueprint should have careful risk assessment keys, which illuminate the impact of a disaster on direct users, stakeholders, etc.

Indiana, for example, has had more than 18,200 weather extremes during a 60-year period leading up to 2010, with a good portion of them involving those weather events. Unlike California, which had 1,987 earthquakes with magnitudes of 3.5 or above during that period, Indiana only experienced one significant earthquake since 1950.

That earthquake, which measured at a magnitude of 4, struck in 1984.

The aim of disaster recovery is to restore your data after an unexpected disaster in your data center facility.

On the other hand, business continuity combines all efforts and managerial principles that are involved in making sure that key business functions like IT, resource management, and finance are not impacted in the event of a disaster.Fire, storm, or flood can immobilize a business, especially when servers and other IT equipment are vulnerable to damage.The best way to protect your data and essential equipment is to perform a disaster recovery risk assessment, which can guide you in determining the types of disasters that could hit your business, the solutions that may be required, and the overall expenses you’ll need to recover.More than seven years ago, FEMA had issued the warning for the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee, pointing to a study that showed an earthquake with a 7.7 magnitude is possible.Some scientists had reported the event could happen within 50 years.More than likely you’ve invested the resources, time, and cash to insure your business properly in the event of a fire, PR disaster, or other emergency/catastrophe.When it comes to data centers, it’s important to implement a sound disaster recovery plan as part of that equation.According to recent statistics, data center outages cost companies in the United States a total of 0 billion every year.And the typical data center can expect to lose about ,000 a minute because of an unplanned data center outage.The recent examples of Hurricane Sandy and the devastating Japanese Earthquake are testimonials to this fact.Therefore, ensuring business continuity is vital, and this calls for radical steps.


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