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These papers may be the published version, or a “preprint” version from either before peer review, or after peer review but before layout and formatting.

The problem is, many schools and authors don’t robustly, and there are gaps in publication histories, or in recent publications which may be blocked by an “embargo” for 6–24 months after release.

The good news is that most people have a library nearby, many of the resources are fully available online (especially the databases), and a library card is often free or inexpensive.

Also, libraries have at finding what you want (or something even better).

Bad news: it’s highly selective, often tied to particular departments or research groups at the university, frequently requires formal administrative approval, might require you first having a Ph D, and only lasts as long as you’re “there” (or until the end of the academic year).

Your state or country may have done you the favor of building a national library with e-resources and giving everyone with a certain passport access to it.These are fed through state, region, or country collections and have incredible data about treasures of large regions and their history.The Internet Archive and its Open Library is also another great resource for books: registration is free and you can read or take out many titles.Sometimes, other kinds of heritage or memory institutions (like museums or local history societies) or scientific institutions (like hospitals, medical societies, zoos, and conservatories), will have special libraries attached to them designed to serve the professionals working at that institution.If the institution’s focus is similar to yours, you may be able to request access to their collection or beyond.Once you graduate, check if your university library has digital access for alumni: you may have to pay a membership fee and you might not get access to everything, but it’s better than nothing.Some university libraries even provide remote access to selected databases for alumni, or allow alumni to purchase that access at a reduced rate.Bad news is that your local library may not be that local, and you may need to jump through some hoops to get your library card.Not all local libraries can afford masses of scholarly journals either, although many have at least some access. Some libraries require you to live in the town or county that the library serves.Not every country is so thoughtful, but if you are lucky enough to live in, say, Finland, Germany, or Australia, you’re in luck!At least look in the national library website, where you can often find digitized books no longer under copyright and other free resources; some even provide remote access to research databases.


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