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For details about how to remove a name from a tenancy please download our leaflet 'Tenancy changes - removing a name from a joint tenancy'.

Please note it is always advisable to seek independent legal advice.

If you wish to make any other changes to your tenancy, such as your name, you will need to put your request in writing, enclosing any supporting documentation such as a marriage certificate, deed poll or birth certificate, and email to Tenancy Management.

We may contact you to request further information in relation to your request.Whether by mistake or design it sometimes happens that a proposed assignee goes into occupation of a property after a licence has been obtained from the landlord, but without a deed of assignment ever being completed.Often this state of affairs does not come to light until the contractual term of the original lease is nearing its end and one of the parties wishes to renew the lease or the landlord wants to have its property back.Your tenancy agreement is an important legal contract between you, as the tenant/s, and the Council as your landlord, and contains the conditions of your tenancy.If your circumstances change you can make a request to change your tenancy.You should consult with a professional adviser familiar with your particular factual situation for advice concerning specific legal or other matters before making any decision.After the outgoing tenant finds a replacement, landlords do not need to increase their administration costs by drafting a new tenancy agreement.Landlords who target this market most commonly let their property assets on an assured shorthold tenancy because such agreements cover the whole property, not individual tenants, and reduce administration costs.However, most landlords with experience of the house-share market will be familiar with the not uncommon event of one of the household wishing to move out of the property before the tenancy comes to an end.Gateway to Homechoice If a tenant dies leaving any other person in occupation, a qualifying person living in the home may be able to take over the tenancy. A secure periodic tenancy can only be transferred once therefore no further statutory successions can be claimed by any other occupier.Please refer to the tenancy agreement for further information.


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