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Their kid wants to; they genuinely enjoy being in pageants, which is understandable. Another response is that their child can showcase their talents, such as singing, dancing, and looking pretty.The winners of these pageants also often receive cash prizes, although they other countries as well.

Next we will focus on body language and positioning. Her hair and most of her body is cut out of the picture.The more average your features are to society the more attractive you are.Charles Darwin’s When most pageant parents are asked about their reasons for having their child partake in beauty pageants, their responses are predictable.It was during this era that makeup and accessories became popular and notable.Women began using drastic measures to create the perfect image of beauty.This immediately lets you know that the “All shine, no substance” (110), describes Drummond’s rocking horse, the Golden Dancer- a symbol of the world and individuals who are blindfolded to the reality of the truth.Drummond is a defender for Cates, a law breaker during a Scopes trial (creation vs evolution).Whether he was expressing the beauty of art or physical human beauty his ideologies about...platform with different purpose, Mujo, with the tragic color of itself, was used in most of the works to perform a unique sense of beauty; the fade of cherry blossom, the changing of the full moon, all the characters were presented to voice the emotion of the authors that was about the fading perfectness, which needs us to treasure more.Similarly, spiritual theories also played a major role in the Hellenistic era and how that period of time influenced beauty.During that time Plato, a great philosopher during that time, thought beauty to be established around the basic principles of proportion and the essence of unity.


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