Dell Marketing Strategy Essay

Dell Marketing Strategy Essay-24
These are the strategies that have taken this young company up to high levels of success.Dell Corporation brought the concept of direct marketing and just in time inventory that highly reduced the costs and provided high profits.The 2009 statistics of market share showed Dell at the second position after HP in U. These marketing strategies and methods have helped the company in delivering the quick and reliable services to its customers all around the world.

There is a large variety of systems offered by the company as according to the use.

In addition to providing the PCs and other products, the company also offers the repair services and softwares.

So, customers can experience the latest technology at the best price.

The Dell Corporation doesn't employ the intermediaries that is retailers and wholesalers but deals directly with the customers.

So, if they don't want the entire PC having the components of the same company then they can customize it by ordering at DELL customer support. They deliver products from the big businesses, government institutes to the home users.

The company deals through its call centers with the customers all around the world.There are number of companies who have already stepped in to this business and thus made it highly competitive. The major companies are HP, Lenova, Compaq, Apple and Dell.Dell is one among these companies that has well thought out marketing strategies. Google(); req('single_work'); $('.js-splash-single-step-signup-download-button').one('click', function(e){ req_and_ready('single_work', function() ); new c. International Marketing Dell Technology and Computers market has become the important part of the entire global market. market is currently most crowded with the computer manufacturing companies.The company has partnership with reputable suppliers in different countries; thus ensuring reliable services. Therefore, the competition is really tough in America but since, Dell deals all around the world so their major part of revenue is generated through other parts of the world.Like, Dell offers its customers to have the components of their own choice in PC. Dell has well-planned market segments ensuring to provide high quality services to the customers all around the world.There are about six call centers of Dell in Europe and Asia.Customers can toll free number and place their orders or get the other services easily.Therefore, it costs low to the user and the company also.Moreover, the services provided are the most reliable and as per the needs of the customers.


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