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Nothing describes a person better than their actions.

An interesting way to start a descriptive essay about a person involves sharing a story about something the person did.

When writing about a place, start your essay by describing your very first impression of the place.

For example; to describe a coffee shop, the first impression may be the smell of coffee beans, or the sight of the girl at the counter taking orders.

Typically, you can choose to write about an experience, person, place or thing when writing a descriptive essay.

Open the essay with important details and descriptive writing that describe your subject and intrigue the reader.Unlike argumentative essays, you’re not required to add the responses of others; instead, describe a place, person, situation, an object, or emotion, etc. The key is to make use of sensory details: smells, sights, sounds, touches and tastes to enable the reader to form a picture of what the writer is trying to describe. Using the right vocabulary, adjectives and adverbs, sensory details, and figurative language is fundamental to a compelling descriptive essay.The purpose of a descriptive essay is simple: describe a person, place, thing, or event in a heavily detailed manner to form an exact picture or deliver a specific impression in the reader's mind.If you decide to write about an experience, there are many ways to start a descriptive essay. Describe where you experienced this event, the atmosphere of the place and the way you felt.A descriptive essay asks you to delve into your senses and report on something in as much detail as possible.Or, go even further and research the origins of the heirloom and the people who made it.Even if you just want to talk about an orange you ate, you can start by saying where you bought the orange and how that might relate to its taste, smell or sight.For example; if you want to write about your eccentric uncle, start your essay by writing about his refusal to go to college so he could study insects in Brazil.This is a good jumping-off point to further describe him.Wondering what a descriptive essay topic to write a descriptive essay?Or maybe you just need help choosing the best descriptive essay topics...


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