Desdemona Character Analysis Essays

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Emilia: Emilia is the wife of Iago and Desdemona’s maidservant.

Emilia, much like Desdemona, does not have much power but once again her presence has an effect.

Desdemona secretly married Othello, against her father’s wishes.

Throughout the play, Desdemona’s power is not clearly conveyed to the audience, but her presence has an effect.

Power in Othello: Othello: Othello, the principle character, at the beginning seems to have power- whether it is physical, psychological, political or military.

He is portrayed to the audience as a symbol of power and strength.

He is very naive and strongly believes those close to him are honest- even deeper in the play when Iago’s doings make Othello despise those around him, he still believes Iago.

Psychologically, Othello also seems to have power, mainly a result of his military rank.

Between his soldiers and his friends, he is also very highly respected, this too being a form of power.

Desdemona: Desdemona is Othello’s wife and the daughter of Brabantio.


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