Developmental Psychology Extended Essay

Developmental Psychology Extended Essay-11
The source of this energy, according to Freud, is instinctual in nature which implies that it is not learnt.

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Psychologists have made tremendous progress in their attempts to explain how development occurs among human beings.

Over a long period of time, developmental psychologists have been engaged in controversies in their understanding of development as either continuous or stage oriented (Kail & Cavanaugh, 2008).

Those who propose that human development is discontinuous argue that it involves distinct stages which are uniquely identified by significant behavioral differences.

Psychological theorists who say that development is a continuous process have very contrary explanations.

The ego is the seat of intelligence and rationality since it checks and controls the blind impulses of the id.

The third part of personality, according to Feud, is the Superego.According to Freud, human beings have sexual instincts that unfold in distinct stages right from birth (Zerucha, 2003). The source of the drive is peculiar to each stage and is called the erogenous zone and shifts with time. The first is the dynamic component or the economic concept.Freud too up the concept of energy and applied it to human behavior (Papalia et al., 2007).According to Papalia, Olds, and Feldman (2007), theories that explain human development are characterized by models of how individuals undergo transformation (and stay unchanged) over time.Sigmund Freud is considered the pioneer of the psychoanalytic school of thought of human development.The second component of Freud’s theory is the structural component which illustrates three levels of personality.The Id is the inborn, biological structure and its main purpose is immediate gratification and reduction of tension through the pleasure principle (Kail & Cavanaugh, 2008).He identified the psychic energy which operates the different parts of an organism.This energy is biological based and always available in same form.The key concepts of the three theories are discussed in the paper.The outstanding similarities and differences of these theories are elaborated.


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