Diabetes College Essay

Type 1 diabetes An autoimmune disease in which the pancreas does not produce any insulin.

Without insulin, the body can’t make use of the sugars in food, even though those sugars are essential in maintaining the body.

However, getting a regular physical with diabetes screening can identify the problem.

The best diabetes treatment depends upon the individual and their personal health situation, and there’s no single course of therapy; however, patients can expect to undergo a treatment such as these: Students dealing with diabetes need all the support they can get.

People with Type 1 diabetes must undergo insulin therapy to receive the insulin their body doesn’t make.

Type 1 diabetes is rather rare, affecting only about five percent of those with a diabetes diagnosis.Fortunately, there are usually on-campus resources students can take advantage of.College health center or clinic This is a vital resource for students with diabetes.If it is, it might be as easy as mentioning to the professor the reason — most will be more than happy to grant such a simple request.For more complex accommodations, or in cases where there is a problem, most colleges have an office of disability services that provides information and assistance.These laws prohibit colleges from discriminating against a student or applicant on the basis of a disability.They also require colleges to provide reasonable modification or accommodations for those students.Deborah Malkoff-Cohen Certified Diabetes Educator Deborah Malkoff-Cohen, MS, RD, CDN, CDE is the founder and owner of NYC Eat Well, a nutrition consultancy that focuses on individual and family wellness and diabetes management.Deborah is a Certified Diabetes Educator, and an expert on CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitors), insulin pump management, gestational diabetes and all things related to blood sugar.Students with diabetes must receive accommodations that allow them to manage their condition without interrupting their education.For most students, the requests will be relatively simple and straightforward, such as: For extremely simple accommodations, such as having juice during class, a request is often unnecessary.


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