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SLABBING: The removal of unwanted paper from roll by tearing or cutting it off.SLOPE: An increase / decrease of a particular value over a specific period of time or distance.

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Here’s a chance to give your unwanted papers a second life for stationery, collage, or anything else you can imagine. If you’d like to embed flat items such as paper, fabric, or leaves into your paper, it’s easy.

Dip the item into your pulp mixture to coat it with a thin layer, and then work the item into the pulp sheet right after you remove it from the vat.

As to its structure, a parent roll built on a reel spool can be divided into four concentric sections as per the graphic.

The innermost two layer sections are the most important ones for the final result.

This article will discuss how to achieve proper parent reel structure, i.e.

how to make a nice tight roll that will handle being stored on the floor, run through a winder, multinip calender or off machine coater.Also a term synonymous with "parent roll" to indicate paper wound on a spool. ROLL BUILDING: The process of wrapping the web on the reel spool so that the sheet is wrapped with adequate tension and pressure to create a parent roll of uniform density.SHEET: The terms "web" and "sheet" are used interchangeably to refer to the continuous sheet of paper coming from the paper machine or parent roll.BROKE: Paper waste or scraps; typically generated during threading or web breaks.DESK CONSOLE or CONTROL DESK: An optional, stand-alone desk with panels for most reel manual controls including drives; usually located near the machine for visual monitoring but can be in a control room.Parent roll structure is influenced by reeling parameters - which will be covered in a later article.No we'll review the many different terms used when reeling.The average American household receives more than 100 pounds of unwanted junk mail each year!However, creating a handmade sheet of paper can remind anyone of this everyday object’s noble origins.If the parent roll is too tight, the web loses part of its elasticity and unnecessary reeling defects may be generated.If the parent roll is too loose, it cannot be handled further or it does not fulfill the quality requirements for saleable paper because of too many reeling defects.


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