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Cicero on How to Write There is a “right” way to write non-fiction essays in English.

Cicero on How to Write There is a “right” way to write non-fiction essays in English.

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In keeping with our old friend Cicero, here are the three points of comparison that I will discuss in this essay: the preferences for 1) Anglophone outlining of one’s arguments v European drifting through arguments more organically; 2) Anglophone clarity v European intellectuality; and, 3) Anglophone arguments through specific anecdotes that practically demonstrate ideas v European discussion of theories in the abstract.

Outline v Drifting I asked a Slovene writer friend about this phenomenon I had noticed.

Good, Ciceronian writing, after a clearly-stated introduction and thesis, moves on to make three points in support of the thesis.

Three seems to be some magic number, as may be seen with jokes (where the punch-line always seems to come in the third attempt at something) or fairytales (in “Goldilocks and the Bears” it is the third bowl of porridge that is “just right”).

QUESTION 1 (500-550 words each) There are three types of leadership styles.

The first style of leadership style is Autocratic Style.Two points feels too few, and four more than you need.This three-point argument is very basic, in fact it is taught in elementary school throughout the US, but it is a useful rule of thumb and point of departure.According to Van (2004, page 1-13) Legitimate Power allows workers who have a high hierarchy to delegate other workers who do not have the same high hierarchy.I was recently asked to edit the English translation of a collection of essays by leading intellectual and cultural figures from throughout central and Eastern Europe.Brilliant thinkers are not always great teachers, and this is a case in point.He mentioned philosopher Jacques Derrida, by way of example.The leader may just provide any relevant information and answer any queries.As for sources of power, there are numerous sources of powers, which include; Coercive, Reward, Legitimate, Expert and Referent Power.According to Awan (2010, page 253-266) autocratic leaders make independent decisions ‘to complete a singular objectives’ and to rule over other team members. This style of leadership encourages and allows team members to have an input based on anything to work related, but the team leader will always make the final decision (Robbins 2011, page 297-299).And the third leadership style is Laissez-Faire Style.


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