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In the novel Demians and Siddhartha, Hermann Hesse was influenced by psychoanalyst Freud and Karl Jung.

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He realized this Written by Hermann Hesse and first published in 1919, the Demians are focused on self-heuristic and self-fulfilling novels.

The novel itself is an Emil Sinclair 's autobiographical novel designed to show the elderly, the focal point of the story, approaching the end of his self discovery, and as well as his memories of past events, Ability to "be written" by world view.

It is one of the key drivers of our increased prosperity and our ability to cause problems, but also our ability to solve them.

Science has stimulated and satisfied our curiosity about the world around us and the universe beyond.

Demian of Hermann Hesse, first meeting with Ricky Fitz at American Beauty Jane Burnham, she replied, after American beauty and self-discovery, she replied: It is a dream, if it is not true ... this is the truth I was very confident that I could not be "? If it is Jane 's dream, this is her unconscious happiness or happiness. There seems to be a theme in the beauty of the movie American, and it can be seen that others are expecting the source of confidence and the source of the ultimate happiness.

As far as the author Hermann Hesse is concerned, this is his personal life experience.The core of the novel is the relationship between the individuality and the present incarnation of past events that gradually make up the introspective aspect of its appearance and formation.Science is one great success of our civilizations, from the erudition of the ancient Greeks and Arabs, to the practicality of the Renaissance and the Modern era.Scientists have long emphasized that freedom to decide what science they do is much more likely to give long-term rewards for the society that funds them.“Choose outstanding people and give them intellectual freedom” emphasized Nobel Prize winner Max Perutz as his key principle in running the enormously successful and vital Lab of Molecular Biology in Cambridge.This river represents the idea of ​​reaching the enlightenment of Siddhartha.By listening to the river, Siddhartha discovered the basic concept of relationship between time and life.They share these confidentially with a number of colleagues who rank them formally and select a few to fund.Much of the funding comes from taxes, and governments pass the responsibility back to the panels of scientist to decide which of their colleagues to invest these public monies in.The molecular-based light emitters that now give sparkling mobile phone screens were undreamt of by Alan Heeger, who attempted to make unpromising plastic films conduct electricity in the late 1970s.Similarly, DNA pioneers Crick and Watson just wanted to understand the structure of DNA, not to use that knowledge to fix genetic diseases or do mass screenings of cancers.


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