Dissertation 4

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Writing every day is not only about sharpening your writing skills. Writing can capture your thoughts about what is happening with data collection, data analysis, your position on what is happening, and your life. I had no time to think about if it was perfect and I honestly believe my dissertation is better for it. Need help with your dissertation or research assignment?

Writing every day doesn’t mean just academic writing. You will not be able to hold all these thoughts in your head and accurately recall them later when you need them. It is especially helpful to read as many dissertations as you can, particularly paying special attention to chapter 3 and 5.

I have been on too many committees where students have expected me to drop everything and review their dissertations as soon as I get them and I don't want to put other people in that position, so we won't be doing that!

Give yourself (and the people supporting you) plenty of time! Chris Linder This means that a completed draft of my dissertation had to be completed by March 6, 2017.

The hard copies of the dissertation required for the examination process should be in temporary bindings.

Dissertation 4

The final copy of the dissertation should be electronically deposited in pdf format or other format acceptable to the University and appropriate to the medium as agreed with supervisors Where a partial deferment has been granted (see Section 9.2.5) both the redacted and full versions must be submitted.

Any views expressed in the dissertation are those of the author. Students must sign the examination copies but should only print their name in the final version that they electronically submit so that no personal signifiers are shown in the online release of the dissertation.

SIGNED: ............................................................. The table of contents must list, with page numbers, all chapters, sections and subsections, the list of references, bibliography, list of abbreviations and appendices.

The dissertation process is a very individualized process. Getting to the dissertation defense is the part where it is all on you.

This is a cliche response and a very true response. The dissertation is the ultimate test in how bad you want to be #Phinishe D. There is no “should” “supposed to be” or “right way” to this process. There is so much more I could say about lessons learned. My dissertation allowed me to connect more with beautiful souls who graciously shared their time and their stories with me and each other.


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