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These arguments are like grounding all aircraft because there are occasional crashes.Too often I see an academic “added” to the team to beef up his or her workload.

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They must be established and well known, but available to supervise you rather than continually declining your requests for meetings because they are travelling to Oslo, Luanda or Hong Kong.

There is an excessive amount of university doctoral administration.

I understand and welcome the value in checking the ethical expenditure of public money; a programme of study submitted in the first year and an annual progress report through the candidature will accomplish this task.

But now we have to deliver milestone reports, public confirmations of candidature sessions, biannual progress reports, annual oral presentations of research and – in some universities – complete a form that must be signed off at the conclusion of every supervisory meeting. A good supervisor will protect you from the excesses of supervisory administration.

The question remains – why did the graduate centre take 16 months to make this decision?

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If I had not phoned and emailed administrators, would they have forgotten about this student?Do not let them treat you like an inconvenient, incompetent fool. Supervising students to completion is incredibly difficult.The final few months require complete commitment from both supervisor and postgraduate.Two examiners had returned timely reports and passed with minor corrections.The third academic, however, did not examine the thesis, did not submit any paperwork and did not respond to any communications.Every moment a student is filling in a form is one less moment they are reading a book or article, or writing a key page in their doctorate. The irony of many graduate centres is that they initiate incredibly high demands on students and supervisors yet are incredibly lax during crucial periods of the candidature when a rapid administrative response is required.One of my postgraduates had to wait 16 months for a decision on her doctorate.But inconsistencies and problems with supervisors and supervision are marginalised.In response, I think of my father’s one-liner: Who called the supervisor a bastard? To my mind, I never received any satisfactory, effective or useful supervision for my doctorate, research master’s or two coursework master’s that contained sizeable dissertation components. A couple of them tried to block the submission of the theses to my institution.My father used to tell a joke, over and over again. ” To which the answer was, “Who called the bastard a cook?It was a classic outback Australian, Slim Dusty joke that – like the best dad jokes – I can’t remember. ” This riposte often comes to mind during discussions about doctoral supervision and candidature management.


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