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Forms can only be accessed from your NC State and submit an approved, completed dissertation within the required time frame.

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Advisory Committee Meeting The Program Committee recommends that doctoral students organize a meeting of their advisory committees to discuss the theoretical foundation and general approach planned for the dissertation during the process of studying for the preliminary examination.

Because of the interdisciplinary makeup of each student's advisory committee, it is important to seek input and consensus from the committee before writing the prospectus.

These days though, particularly with social media, large numbers of people can be informed about events almost the moment that they happen.

With such a wide ranging subject to write about, you have a wide choice of different topics to base your dissertation on.

This rubric is for program’s assessment purposes only, and will not be shared with the student or faculty.

Forms can only be accessed from your NC State login.After completion of the prospectus discussion, all committee members must answer a ].The advisor should ensure that all members complete this assessment immediately following the oral exam.The manuscript is written so that it reflects the highest standards of writing valued in the Communication and English disciplines.Although all dissertations will be different, most successful dissertations will:​​ Final Oral Examination (The Dissertation Defense) The final step in a student's successful completion of the doctoral degree is the oral dissertation defense.For instance, students may be required to pay another semester's tuition to remain a doctoral candidate.Thus, students in their final year are encouraged to develop a clear schedule that lists all Graduate School due dates and work backwards from those to schedule the oral examination.This meeting should occur before the Preliminary Exam.Dissertation Prospectus Following completion of the preliminary written examination and before the oral preliminary exam, the student will submit a draft dissertation prospectus to the advisory committee.In this examination, the doctoral candidate defends the methodology, data, and conclusions developed in the dissertation, and relate its overall significance to the field.A unanimous vote by the advisory committee is required to pass the examination.


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