Dissertation On Equality And Diversity

The New Labour government eventually removed section 28, but the topic is still controversial.

Knowles (2011) points out that disadvantages are not just about deprivation, but about how pupils from particular backgrounds are treated by the school system: for example, pupils may be more likely to be excluded from school or identified as having 'behaviour problems' if they are from certain types of economic or social backgrounds.

Your school will monitor the progress of pupils from particular backgrounds (at the very least, they will monitor progress based on the protected characteristics given above) as part of its inclusion strategy.

This risks teachers failing to understand the educational needs of refugee and asylum seeking pupils, or worse being influenced by "negative headlines in newspapers which indicate that there are too many people in England seeking refuge", and confusing these groups with economic migrants (Knowles and Lander, 2011, p.111).

In practice, phrases are often used interchangeably - particularly by people who disapprove of these groups.

Pupils from each category will have very different learning needs.

Asylum seekers and economic migrants in particular might be fearful of their temporary status; undeed, they may well be forced to leave at short notice, meaning that their learning opportunities should help to enable them to develop flexible skills suitable for a wide range of possible schools.

Some subjects will also be aware of gender assumptions in broader society; just as it is important to avoid only expecting strong performance in physics from boys, it might seem patronising to overly-praise girls for the same performance.

Ultimately, your unconscious biases will be difficult to challenge precisely because they are unconscious.

Are any of your behaviour management strategies challenging this trend?

Finally, your teaching practice should prepare pupils to participate in society.


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