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Re-using someone's survey instrument is not like citing their results.

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Visit Stack Exchange I have used and/or adapted several questionnaires for my dissertation study.

I wonder if we have to have the permission of the authors when we use their surveys (when the questionnaire items are published and publicly available), or is it a courtesy to ask for the permission.

Is it still okay to use a public scale when no confirmation is received from the author who developed the scale? If I understand the question, you're talking about taking a published survey instrument and administering that survey to your own subjects as part of your research, possibly with changes of your own to the instrument.

Use Question Pro to create your survey with likert scales either by using one of our pre-made templates, using an existing survey, or by creating your own with our intuitive interface.

Question Pro has over 30 question types with various types of rating scales, logic branching, color themes and other options for customization.Easily create a fully customizable survey within minutes, absolutley free.After you're done creating the survey, you can distribute it using one of several options.The following steps are all you need to follow to jump in and start creating surveys: Step 1: Create a free account on Question Pro; Step 2: Click on "Create A Survey" Step 3: You are then prompted to choose either a template, uploading your questions, or creating one from scratch. Is there a giant template library with over 50 different surveys for you to customize?If you have a list of questions that you need to import, how easy is it to do that?At Question Pro, we know how important it is to get started with collecting your survey results quickly.We've included a brief video clip to assist you in creating your first survey with Question Pro.If you're considering sending out some sort of preliminary survey to multiple members of your staff to assess job climate and employee satisfaction before an official performance evaluation, how easy is it to view the results of this information?Can you access an overview of the information to view simple stats such as how many people have viewed the survey, how many started, completed, and dropped out?I'm no lawyer, and I'm not in a discipline that uses surveys much, but I'd say you need permission, most especially if the survey form carries a copyright notice.In the United States, copyright exists the moment something like a survey is in "fixed" form, so the survey is covered by copyright, and you need permission to re-use or adapt it, so says the law.


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