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But these weighty arguments were treacherously employed by Justin in his own favour; and, as no competitor presumed to appear, the Dacian peasant was invested with the purple, by the unanimous consent of the soldiers who knew him to be brave and gentle, of the clergy and people who believed him to be orthodox, and of the provincials who yielded a blind and implicit submission to the will of the capital. 41, 42) an idea of the art or science of jurisprudence, which the eloquent but illiterate Antonius (i. It was partly executed by Servius Sulpicius (in Bruto, c. The elder Justin, as he is distinguished from another emperor of the same family and name, ascended the Byzantine throne at the age of sixty-eight years; and, had he been left to his own guidance, every moment of a nine years’ reign must have exposed to his subjects the impropriety of their choice. 41), whose praises are elegantly varied in the classic Latinity of the Roman Gravina (p.

Under the two succeeding reigns, the fortunate peasant emerged to wealth and honours; and his escape from some dangers which threatened his life was afterwards ascribed to the guardian angel who watches over the fate of kings. Perhaps he was not constant or sincere in his new sect.62 See Pomponius (de Origine Juris Pandect.

His long and laudable service in the Isaurian and Persian wars would not have preserved from oblivion the name of Justin; yet they might warrant the military promotion which in the course of fifty years he gradually obtained; the rank of tribune, of count, and of general, the dignity of senator, and the command of the guards, who obeyed him as their chief, at the important crisis when the emperor Anastasius was removed from the world. Yet Trebatius, after he was a leading civilian, qui familiam duxit [(accedit etiam) quod familiam ducit in iure civili = “he is at the top of his profession”], became an epicurean (Cicero ad Fam.

His ignorance was similar to that of Theodoric; and it is remarkable that, in an age not destitute of learning, two contemporary monarchs had never been instructed in the knowledge of the alphabet. 60).56 Perturbatricem autem omnium harum rerum academiam, hanc ab Arcesila et Carneade recentem, exoremus ut sileat, nam si invaserit in hæc, quæ satis scite instructa et composita videantur, nimis edet ruinas, quam quidem ego placare cupio, submovere non audeo (de Legibus, i. From this passage alone Bentley (Remarks on Free-thinking, p.

But the genius of Justin was far inferior to that of the Gothic king; the experience of a soldier had not qualified him for the government of an empire4a; and, though personally brave, the consciousness of his own weakness was naturally attended with doubt, distrust, and political apprehension. The moderns have discussed, with learning and criticism, this branch of literary history; and among these I have chiefly been guided by Gravina (p. 250) might have learned how firmly Cicero believed in the specious doctrines which he has adorned.58 As he is quoted by Ulpian (leg.

« La poésie est une salve contre l'habitude.», Henri PICHETTE, . You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.

En attendant, voici donc quelques citations à grignoter, "jusqu'à la substantifiquissime moëlle" ! This entry was posted on dimanche, novembre 19th, 2006 at and is filed under Composition française. « (La fable est) une instruction déguisée sous l’allégorie d’une action. « Un livre doit remuer les plaies, en provoquer même. « Les chefs-d’œuvre du passé sont bons pour le passé ; ils en sont pas bons pour nous. « Faire vrai consiste donc à donner l’illusion complète du vrai, suivant la logique ordinaire des faits. « Condamnés à expliquer le mystère de la vie, les hommes ont inventé le théâtre. « Tout homme porte en lui la forme entière de l’humaine condition. « Fais ce que voudras », RABELAIS, enseigne de l’abbaye de Thélème. « L’histoire est le roman qui a été ; le roman est de l’histoire qui aurait pu être. « (La musique est) le plus coûteux de tous les bruits. « La poésie, c’est le verbe créé et créateur », Vincente HUIDOBRO. Unless otherwise stated in the Copyright Information section above, this material may be used freely for educational and academic purposes. the inhabitants of a wild and desolate country, to which the names of Dardania, of Dacia, and of Bulgaria have been successively applied. His elevation was prepared by the adventurous spirit of his uncle Justin, who, with two other peasants of the same village, deserted, for the profession of arms, the more useful employment of husbandmen or shepherds.4 On foot, with a scanty provision of biscuit in their knapsacks, the three youths followed the highroad of Constantinople, and were soon enrolled, for their strength and stature, among the guards of the emperor Leo. The powerful kinsmen whom he had raised and enriched were excluded from the throne; and the eunuch Amantius, who reigned in the palace, had secretly resolved to fix the diadem on the head of the most obsequious of his creatures. A liberal donative, to conciliate the suffrage of the guards, was entrusted for that purpose in the hands of their commander. Cicero, more especially in his books de Oratore, de Claris Oratoribus, de Legibus, and the Clavis Ciceroniana of Ernesti (under the names of 55 Crassus, or rather Cicero himself, proposes (de Oratore, i. (…) Souvenez que hermétique, ça veut dire également bouché. « Un beau livre, c’est celui qui sème à foison les points d’interrogation. « Je sais que la poésie est indispensable, mais je ne sais pas à quoi. « On habite un cœur plein un monde vide, et sans avoir usé de rien on est désabusé de tout. « Aimez les choses à double sens, mais assurez-vous bien d’abord qu’elles ont un sens. « Le fou se croit sage et le sage reconnaît lui-même n’être qu’un fou. « L’art c’est la plus courte distance d’un homme à l’autre. « J’estime de l’essence de la poésie qu’elle soit, selon les diverses natures des esprits, ou de valeur nulle ou d’importance infinie ce qui l’assimile à Dieu même. « Mes vers ont le sens qu’on leur prête », Paul VALERY.


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