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Before confirming your topic, make sure that there is enough information about it in libraries and on the Internet.Now that you have a selection of sample topics to examine, it should be easier for you to come up with a decent subject to research in your project.Every year the institute releases the schedule for the training programs on the website.

The eligibility criteria for the students for applying for the different training programs are as follows: Note: Selection will be based on the academic records of all the passed examinations.This proposal should be based on your reading of papers published from my laboratory or elsewhere.I do not consider applications which only make statements such as "I am interested in protein folding", or which merely request training.I welcome applications from students trained in any branch of science or engineering, especially from those who have been trained to think quantitatively.Since I receive too many applications for me to reply to in a meaningful manner, I provide some information which may be useful to you if you choose to apply to become a member of my laboratory.Of course, it will help if you have pre-qualified yourself by having become a recipient of a CSIR fellowship.I have described to you the only route into my laboratory for students not selected into the NCBS Ph D program.Birla Institute of Scientific Research have earned a reputation of providing top quality, cutting-edge short term trainings, and six month dissertations presented by the knowledgeable and experienced practitioners in the field of biological sciences.The Institute focuses on the hands on training sessions with latest technology advances, and is continually researching and developing new courses to enhance the quality.You are encouraged to apply only if you are genuinely interested in the work my laboratory does.I expect your interest to motivate you sufficiently for you to send to me, as part of your application, a 500 word description of what work you would like to do in my laboratory.


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