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Retaining the exact information is fairly important, and taking notes from dictation, or videos need to be captured accurately.Transcription services are used when there’s a short period of time for this to be done.

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When you need time to do other research and you still have a looming one-to-one interview audio file in your computer, letting a professional take care of big files would be the perfect solution.

An interview audio file is usually massive, and takes much of that needed study time away from you.

Transcribing is tedious, converting the audio files into a text-based document is even more meticulous, which is the reason why so many people turn to expensive transcribers who overcharge for their work.

Searching for a reasonably priced transcriber is the best solution to a problem like this, which is why Go Transcript offers their transcription services at a great price.

Are you struggling your way to get your dissertation up? Get a quick free consultation from one of our consultant and get all your worries wiped out!

In addition to helping you with the dissertation transcription, Quick Transcription Service offers the following benefits to students: You can estimate your transcription work for free here: Quick Transcription service gives you the convenience to PLACE ORDER online and get them transcribed if you have the raw data in the format that allows you to upload.

There are a lot of audio types that need transcription, some of them are simple group discussion recordings, some are conference video files, interview files, and so on.

Firstly, while recording a group discussion, the information received is scattered, ideas and data may be hard to sort through without a transcription.

We know that preparing theses, dissertations, degree projects, memories, or any other type of research is a very stressful and exhausting period. If you need to transcribe your research audios or videos accurately and in a short time.

Or maybe you have audios in English, Spanish, or even mixed.


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