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In fact between 19 the rate of divorce surged nearly 250% ("Divorce... The divorce rate has stabilized since the 1980’s but it is still the highest in the industrialized world by far.Studies show that today 40% of all first marriages will end in divorce compared to only 16% in the 1960’s.shows that there are some financial problems more likely to lead to divorce then others. Getting fired from a job significantly raises the probability of getting divorced.

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They see marriage as a chance to create a home of their own making, one much happier for themselves.

Unfortunately it usually doesn’t work out like that.

Often it is easy to write a good essay, but follow these strategies and you can easily write a great one about the cause and effect of a divorce.

First, go back to the basics of a cause and effect essay.

Lindsay says that few teenagers have the maturity to really make a marriage work, especially when leaving a home so young.

Lindsay states, "Each partner is developing his own identity and going in a different direction.When they were married they were able to afford to buy a house, but because they divorced the effect was that neither could afford to buy a house on their own because they did not earn enough independently of each other.The cause and the effect will roll on from there as there is never just one consequence.Back to the example, as both of them had to rent accommodation they then had to downsize and get rid of much of their furniture, and so it continues.More coursework: 1 - A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I - J | K - L | M | N - O | P - S | T | U - Y Causes of Divorce About half of all American marriages that occur will end in divorce ("Family..." 37-41).Often they can’t keep the original relationship together." This is something that young married couples must struggle to deal with and unfortunately most can’t, or just don’t want to make the effort.Many teenagers also complain about having to grow up too fast because of these changes.The rate of divorce for these young marriages is extremely high for many reason.According to Jeanne Warren Lindsay, author of the book Teenage Marriage, many teenagers jump into marriage in hopes of finding an escape from an unhappy home life.There are 144,000 marriages taking place each year between people ages 15 to 19.Recently that number has decline but it is still high (Garber 12-13).


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