Dns Poisoning Research Paper

Dns Poisoning Research Paper-57
The Reynolds number used in all the numerical simulations constructed in this study is equal to 9000, based on the height of the step h and the inlet velocity U b.

Naming is a critical component of the internet architecture, and one whose complexity is often overlooked.

As a global system, the DNS must satisfy millions of requests per second, while allowing distributed, delegated administration and...

The computational simulation performed in this study is based on the Reynolds equations using a...

more—This work presents the numerical simulation and analysis of the turbulent flow over a two-dimensional channel with a backward-facing step.

The second process then compares the potential phishing pages against actual pages and assesses visual similarities between them in terms of key regions, page layouts, and overall styles.

The project is a research on the Internet Utility which is mainly used for detecting the Phishing attacks which is mainly used for monitoring every popup used with another website, monitoring the authentication of every websites and use of image containing an institution's corporate logos and artwork.

Due to its working, it is one of the most critical protocols being used in the internet.

However, DNS is known to be vulnerable to a popular attack called DNS poisoning.

Due to its working, it is one of the most critical protocols being used in the internet....

more Domain Name System (DNS) is a central protocol of the internet and provides a way to resolve domain names to their corresponding IP addresses.


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