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For that matter, the questions posed to us in this Lit Hub piece are designed to be open-ended, and I am genuinely curious to hear my colleagues’ answers.

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The first example was “What brought you to the clinic today?I would also add that, literature shines a penetrating light on the lives of people I might not otherwise ever know, from Faulkner’s tortured Southerners to Nabokov’s repulsive Humbert Humbert and Toni Morrison’s brave and enduring descendents from slaves.In terms of how writing might hurt medicine, there’s the obvious answer.I asked him what I was about clocks that fascinated him. All he knew was that, after a rough day in the pastor business, he could go upstairs to his workshop and lose all track of time. Gavin Francis: I love the story of the clocks—thank you for that.It’s a seductive idea, that you can lose yourself, and lose track of time, in the construction of devices meant to track it.Gavin Francis: Reading and writing helps us explore ways of being human, offers us a glimpse of the lives of others, broadens our circles of awareness.At its best you can say the same of medical practice—it offers privileged opportunities to see into and attempt to understand how other people see and experience the world.And the reflection encouraged me to practice more deliberately and humanely.Of course, when you are in the midst of writing, there is a danger that you will view your participation in a patient’s care as part of a narrative that you have constructed.He did all kinds, Desktop, Cuckoo clocks, wall clocks; you name it.If it could be encased in wood and ticked, he had probably made one.


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