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Lesson 2: Practice Empathy Tolstoy was one of the great empathic adventurers of the 19th century, displaying an unusual desire to step into the shoes of people whose lives were vastly different from his own.

Lesson 2: Practice Empathy Tolstoy was one of the great empathic adventurers of the 19th century, displaying an unusual desire to step into the shoes of people whose lives were vastly different from his own.Following the Emancipation of the Serfs in 1861, and influenced by a growing movement across Russia which extolled the virtues of the peasantry, Tolstoy not only adopted traditional peasant dress, but worked alongside the laborers on his estate, ploughing the fields and repairing their homes with his own hands.He wrote to a friend, "The truth is that the State is a conspiracy designed not only to exploit, but above all to corrupt its citizens...

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After the crop failure of 1873, Tolstoy decided to stop writing Anna Karenina for a year to organize aid for the starving, remarking to a relative, "I cannot tear myself away from living creatures to bother about imaginary ones." His friends and family thought it crazy that one of the finest novelists in the world would put one of his works of genius on the backburner. He did it again after the famine in 1891, and with other members of his family spent the next two years raising money from around the world and working in soup kitchens.

Can you imagine a bestselling author today setting aside their latest book to do humanitarian relief work for two years?

Lying, robbery, adultery of all kinds, drunkenness, violence, murder — there was no crime I did not commit, and in spite of that people praised my conduct and my contemporaries considered and consider me to be a comparatively moral man. So how did Tolstoy manage to wean himself off this rather racy, decadent lifestyle?

And how might his journey help us rethink our own philosophies of life?

He never forgot the severed head thumping into the box below.

It convinced him of the belief that the state and its laws were not only brutal, but served to protect the interests of the rich and powerful.In the late 1870s, unable to find any answers, he had a mental breakdown and was on the verge of suicide.But after immersing himself in the German philosopher Schopenhauer, Buddhist texts, and the Bible, he adopted a revolutionary brand of Christianity which rejected all organized religion, including the Orthodox Church he had grown up in, and turned toward a life of spiritual and material austerity.Lesson 4: Master the Art of Simple Living One of Tolstoy's greatest gifts — and also a source of torment — was his addiction to the question of the meaning of life.He never ceased asking himself why and how he should live, and what was the point of all his money and fame.Tracing his personal transformation offers some wise — and surprising — lessons for how we should approach the art of living today. His family had an estate and owned hundreds of serfs.The early life of the young count was raucous and debauched, and he gambled away a fortune through a reckless addiction to cards.These "Tolstoyan" communities spread around the world and lead Gandhi to found an ashram in 1910 named the Tolstoy Farm.Lesson 5: Beware Your Contradictions Tolstoy's new, simpler life was not, however, without its struggles and contradictions.This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.


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