Dorian Gray Essay

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Thesis Statement: Influence comes with an onerous price. Damage is determined by the way in which one is affected by inevitable outside influences. Henry’s philosophical ideas also result in Basil’s downfall as an artist because he loses his inspirational muse.

At this point, “Totally under Lord Henry’s spell, this refined young man with high ideals adopts his mentor’s words to the best of his ability” (Aubrey 2).

The renewal of the portrait clearly shows the aspect of karma.(Stanley,2000). The Picture of Dorian Gray is an exemplary piece of literature as the characters themes and plot clearly depict things that can influence modern culture and contemporary way of life.

Cultural beliefs and obligations are also evident in the novel and can be compared to the modern times. Strong and wealthy individuals influence major decisions of the land. From the explanations above, each aspect or lesson showed in the novel is significant to human needs, reactions and perspectives.

Dorian falls in love with Sibyl and later on dumps her. People find satisfaction by pursuing equality in evil or good. The powerful people in the society are feared and influence major decisions. In the current culture, people listen to powerful people and follow their decisions as well. This essay on Expository Analytical Essay (Why Picture of Dorian Gray is in the Canon) was written and submitted by user Elin K. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly.

People nowadays fall in love for a short time and break up due to a small misunderstanding or unimportantreason. Dorian’s corruption and, through him, the corruption of others. Falling under the influence of idolization comes at the cost of one’s powers of reasoning. By conditioning his mind with Henry’s chatter, Dorian Gray leaves the pure psyche that inspired Basil’s paintings. Dorian Gray accepts Henry’s witty teachings about the lifestyle where aestheticism rises above all in importance, and when Dorian Gray puts these words into actions, he realizes the appearance of gruesome transformations in his portrait. Assuredly, damage is determined by the way in which one is affected by inevitable outside influences. Wilde characterizes Lord Henry Wotton, Basil Howard, and the portrait of Dorian Gray as contributors to Dorian’s tragic downfall, which suggests influence comes with an onerous price.At her performances, Dorian is astonished by Sibyl’s wonderful voice.In their case, Dorian serves as the influence to which Sibyl wholeheartedly devotes her entire being. Awareness of outside influences is arduous to achieve, considering the numerous ways these stimuli are presented. Lord Henry Wotton says that there is “something terribly enthralling in the exercise of influence” (39), which may be the reason he styles an instrument out of Dorian Gray. The novel begins with descriptions of the opulent setting such as “the rich odor of roses” and “long tussore-silk curtains” (Wilde 1), indicating that beauty will significantly influence the novel.This makes the culture of the current world (David,2005).Social setting of relationships and frustrations are major.


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