Dragon Coursework

Dragon Coursework-40
The centre fire can be toggled to show the original preserved shape using the ‘Fire Shape’ UI variable.

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All lighting in the program is done based on the ‘Blinn-Phong’ reflection model.

Effect 2: Animated Dragon The dragon is a forward rendered basic mesh model with texture-mapping and shading.

The torch is forward rendered and features normal bump-mapping.

An additional central fire inside a torus brazier was also added.

the pillars needed to sit on top of the forward rendered floor which meant I would need to render first the walls, then the floor and finally the pillars.

The hybrid ray tracing and forward rendering passes were combined in the scene using blending.

The animations themselves were performed by passing in a timer value to the vertex shader and using ‘smooth step’ functions of time, sine and cosine.

Normal bump-mapping is also implemented using a separate normal map texture.


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