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In 2010, Owen released her "faux sex thesis" in the form of a comical Power Point document shortly after her graduation.She faced significant backlash from members of the Duke community where her Power Point was leaked.

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Online, many people began to attack Owen for her actions and lack of real accountability once the dust had settled.

Allegedly, Owen had no intention of showing this thesis to anyone outside of her friend group.

Presented jokingly as a 'senior thesis' to her friends, the document was leaked to the public.

As a result, legal action was taken against her by several of the male athletes mentioned in her list.

Several people identified problematic aspects of college such as the partying and hookup culture in which Owen's document highlighted.

This scandal had not only tarnished Karen Owen's reputation but also reflected poorly on Duke University as a whole.When Owen wrote the document, she intended to only share with her group of friends as it was supposed to be a private joke.Unfortunately, through multiple postings across social media sites, the document spread faster than unexpected.The F*** List supposedly came about when one of Owen's many partners asked her where he ranked among her other sexual encounters.Evidently, one of which leaked the list and it quickly spread across campus.As described in the powerpoint, ratings were assigned on a 10 point scale using physical attractiveness, size, talent, creativity, aggressiveness, entertainment, athletic ability, and bonus factors.Tiebreakers were decided based on physical attractiveness.The Duke F*** List is a 42-page Powerpoint presentation created in 2010 by a Duke University graduate, Karen Owen.The document shared details of sexual encounters with Duke male athletes during her time at the University.Each athlete described by Owen was assigned a subject number, followed by explicit details about their sexual encounters.These details included memorable moments, pros, and cons.


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