Dystopian Short Story Essays

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For instance, if you’re comparing restaurants, your paper might examine food, atmosphere, and prices.

You’d base your comparisons on something like whether the restaurant is kid-friendly or whether it would make a great place for a first date.

Lao Dao wants the best for his daughter, even if that means traversing first and second space, when he belongs to the third.

Winner of the 2016 Hugo for best novelette, the world building in this story is amazing.

Need more tips on writing a compare and contrast essay?

Read these posts: Now that you have some background info about dystopian literature and compare and contrast essays, let’s move on to comparing four dystopian short stories.Sure, upon first glance, a dystopian world looks awesome.After all, someone (like the government or a corporation) has made a world that seems to be everything its citizens could ask for.Remember when I said that dystopian literature had been around a long time?As evidence, we’re going to work with four short stories that have been around for quite awhile—one of them was written more than a century ago.(It seems that people have always been afraid of having corrupt governments, losing their freedoms, and/or destroying the planet.) While there are certainly plenty of dystopian short stories and dystopian novels to choose from, this post will focus on the following four dystopian short stories: Both “The Machine Stops” and “Harrison Bergeron” rely heavily on technology and the dangers of technology.Fiction has already prepared many of us for a dystopia, even if we never actually imagined it would happen. He’s a master of dystopia but warning: his depictions of women will definitely induce some eye rolls and frustration.And if you’ve never read any dystopias before, well, now’s your chance to experience the many frightening scenarios writers have warned us of, from oppressive governments and climate change to surveillance and rogue AI. The title alone demonstrates the lyricism of this short story.On the surface, compare and contrast essays seem super-easy because all you need to do is pick things and start writing about how they’re the same and how they’re different, right? While you do need to establish points to both compare and contrast, your paper needs to have a focus. If you’re writing a compare and contrast essay about two restaurants, you can’t just start comparing the atmosphere, the food, the prices, the staff, and the location.Without focus, you’re just writing a list of random points about the restaurant. Choose three or four key points that you can connect to the focus of your paper.But in reality, people dream of (and often fight for) a better existence.This general premise of dystopian society holds true in just about all dystopian literature.


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