Eastern And Western Cultures Essay

Eastern And Western Cultures Essay-36
It has been seen that more often than not the people from the East are rigid in their ideologies and beliefs.For them the truth is what has been there for thousands of years and not to be challenged irrespective of its fading validity in modern times.While in the western cultures, the concept of equality is taken more seriously and a leader is just one among the rest.

To this day there are riots and killings in the name of faith.

Something as basic as children moving out of the parents’ house after a certain age which is very much common and sanctioned in the western culture is seen as blasphemous to family in the east.

In the east women are still regarded as those who would sacrifice professional life and career in favour of rearing children (yes, just like cattle) and taking care of the family.

This is also one of the reasons why arranged marriages are still very much pertinent to the eastern societies.

In the western civilization, the self is given preference over family and hence decisions on priority and relevance of relationships are of the individual.


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