Ebay Business Plan

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Today, thanks to e Bay, if you have something to sell, the whole world is your marketplace.

If you have some expertise in an area, like antiques or electronics, you can purchase used items locally at a flea market or other low-cost venue and resell them on e Bay.

Having expertise about the item and your potential customers is key to making a profit with this kind of item.

Founded way back in 1995 as an online auction site, e Bay precipitated a radical change in the way the world buys and sells things.

In the process, it opened up opportunities for thousands of people to make money from home.

Like any successful online company, e Bay constantly changes with the times and technology.

To be a successful e Bay seller, you must do the same.Popular categories of things to sell on e Bay include electronics, clothing, and collectibles.People go to e Bay for shopping because they want to find items cheaper than they can in their own location or to find things that aren’t easily available locally.Because you don’t have any or much feedback, don’t start by selling high priced items.Buyers are likely to be wary of a seller with no feedback, so start small.Be prepared for constant tweaking as technologies and tastes evolve.Though e Bay began as an online auction site, where the buyer with the highest bid wins the item, it is much more than that now.Whatever you sell you have to be able to obtain it cheaper than the average person can buy it locally.That may mean making it yourself or finding a good price from a wholesale dealer.Most potential sellers on e Bay have probably bought something on the online site, so they may already have an e Bay ID.If that ID has good feedback associated with it, you may want to keep it for your selling.


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