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Already the Incas used the countries given conditions and used them as best as possible.

Steep slopes in the Andes were transformed into terraces which could be cultivated.

Garcia managed to embrace free markets and free trade, making Peru one of Latin America's top destinations for foreign investment.

Despite the global economic and financial crisis foreign investment in Peru increased, the economic status of the country improved, public debt dropped and foreign reserves went up.

Peru has among other smaller sectors rich deposits of natural resources, huge agricultural potential, good fishing grounds, a traditional textile industry and enormous tourism capacities.

It is internationally classifies as a mega-diverse country.And after a few months into his presidency he already moved quite a way from the left to the political and economic center.Even controversial projects, like the Conga Project involving surface mining of gold and copper, now seems to have governmental support...After the War the Pacific Peru's economy hit rock bottom.The exploitation and export of guano on the island off the coast of Lima and Callao brought some wealth in form of foreign country into the country.The presidential election of 2006 saw the return of Alan Garcia who, after a disappointing presidential term from 1985 to 1990, returned to the presidency.While many in Peru and abroad had strong doubts at the beginning of Garcia's presidency, they were surprised later.One important economy sector was mining of silver and other valuable metalls.The Spaniards as well introduced money to the indigenous people. With the Spanish conquest of Latin America in the 16th century the Incan social and economic structures were eliminated.From the late 1940s Peru was governed by military juntas.After 30 years of economic mismanagement Peru lay in ruins.


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