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Economic Research Papers Pakistan-82
British Journal of Political Science 24:2, 225-248 Iqbal, Z. The Pakistan Development Review 37:2, 125-148 Johansen, S. Juselius (1990), Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Inference on Cointegration with Application of Demand for Money. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 59:1, 0305-9049 Kormendi, R. Journal of Monetary Economics 16:2, 141-163 Mankiw, G. University of Durham (Working Paper in Economics and Finance No. (1990), Institutions, Institutional Change and Economic Performance.

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The Journal of Political Economy 99:3, 500-521 Rodrik, D. External Shocks, Social Conflict and Growth Collapses.

Journal of Applied Econometrics 16, 289-326 Plumper, T. Public Choice 117:1/2, 27-50 Qayyum, Abdul, (2002), An Error Correction Model of the Demand for Narrowly Defined Money in Pakistan, Research Journal Social Sciences, Vol. (1991), Long-Run Policy Analysis and Long-Run Growth.

The results indicate that while public and private investment and lending rate have a positive impact on growth, public consumption and FDI decelerate GDP growth. Hamdani (2003), The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in Economic Growth. The Pakistan Development Review 43:4, 707–718 Balasubramanyam, V. National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER Working Paper No.

Also the investor confidence should be bolstered by improving the law and order and security situation of the country and introducing investment friendly policies to further harness the positive impact of investment on growth. Pakistan Economic and Social Review XLI: 1 & 2, 29-43 Ahmad, I. Qayyum (2007), Do Public Expenditure and Macroeconomic Uncertainty Matter to Private Investment? The Pakistan Development Review 46:2, 145–161 Akram, Mian Muhammad and Muhammad Afzal, (2015) Dynamic Role of Zakat in Alleviating Poverty: A Case Study of Pakistan, Research Journal Social Sciences, Volume 4, No 1, pp.

The proceedings of the Conference are published in a special issue of the Lahore Journal of Economics.

At CREB we place great emphasis on building research networks and linkages with researchers within and outside the country, to bring people together with the right set of skills to help achieve these goals.

The School Council Mobilization Program (SCMP) used mobile-phone calls to provide sustained and targeted guidance to local school-council members on their responsibilities and authority.

We examine the effects of the SCMP on school enrollment, student and teacher attendance, and school facilities using a “difference in difference in differences” (DDD) design based on the targeted implementation of the SCMP.

Lahore School of Economics in collaboration with B4Develoopment are jointly hosting the Symposium on Behavioral Economics in Policy Making on 3rd September 2019. Second International Conference on Applied Development Economics (4-5 September 2019). Download CREB Research News 2019 Farah Said, Maryiam Haroon and Zunia Saif Tirmazee CREB Research Fellows/Lahore School Ph D Students Attend Summer Workshop in An important goal of the centre is to promote public debate on policy issues through conferences, seminars and publications.

In this connection, the Centre organizes the Lahore School’s Annual Conference on the Management of Pakistan’s Economy.


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