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Thus, the horror genre has introduced a big part of Poe’s heritage into its motifs, so that modern fans do not even realize that success of horror movies depend much on the author’s work.Edgar Allan Poe research paper presented below discusses how the images of anxiety, fear, and morbidity are reflected in the works of horror genre and how the authors compares the fictional events with the real time moments in life.Edgar Allen Poe lived a short forty years but he managed to create some of the best literature and poetry of the 19th Century.

Not surprising that Poe was able to spend five years being educated in England and learning how to write the language that would make him famous.When Poe returned home he did well in his studies and went off to college.Poe started to drink heavily and got into debt at college. Edgar joined the army and did well, and he had dreams of a military future.The Raven, the Tell Tale Heart and the Black Cat are just some of the short stories that Poe created that left an indelible mark on the literary landscape.Poe created characters that encapsulated particular feelings and emotions and as much as his writing has influenced people, so have the details of his life.Readers say that the biography of Edgar Allan Poe can be characterized as a full of mystery events, whereas writer was fond of fantasy and exaggeration.Therefore, his critics and biographers could hardly differentiate between the made up events and real ones that occurred in Poe’s life since it was very challenging to comprehend information from the author’s words.Fiction books are everywhere these days but it is always important to take a look into the lives of those who inspired this art like Edgar Allan but most importantly, what his publications meant.This is because through writing, every writer always has a story to tell the world or something to teach people.So, of what significance was Allan’s publications are at the time they were written and even today?This is a question whose answers can be sought through reading Edgar’s books.


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