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He holds her off the floor by her neck, screaming, “Slut! ” Her mother attempts to stop him, fearing that he is about to kill her. He then wrestles Westover to the ground wrenching her arm behind her back and bending her wrist to near breaking.He loosens his grip, but taunts Westover as she gasps and weeps, “the bitch cries . “She’s not going anywhere until she admits she’s a whore,” he says.

Education becomes a metaphor for consciousness, and the story of how a woman woke cannot unlearn this knowledge, no matter how much she may wish to.

Yet Westover steps gingerly around the term “feminist,” as has most of the coverage surrounding the book.

“You’re certainly not an entitled snowflake,” Chua quipped, “Do you think it gave you resilience?

” This violent danger and its primary sources shifted for Westover with puberty.

Like has found popularity that spans divides of politics, identity, and geography.

Educated Family Essay

And while Westover’s book shares none of Vance’s candidate-in-the-making policy vision or overt politicking, it has been embraced by the right, left, and center on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean as an opportunity for casting new light on even deeper white reaches of Trump Country.

The family avoided contact with the state, so the many accidents—in cars, on motorcycles, on wild horses, at construction sites, or in the family scrapyard—were treated by Westover’s mother, a midwife, with only herbal tinctures and essential oils.

When the injured person was the mother herself, there was no treatment.

She has insisted, for instance, that her memoir’s central takeaway on matters of schooling and education is that “you can teach yourself anything better than someone else can teach it to you.” Attributing the foundations for this belief to her anti-statist upbringing and parents’ rejection of public education for most of their children, Westover recently elaborated to magazine, “we take people’s ability to self-teach away by creating this idea that someone else has to do this for you, that you have to take a course, you have to do it in some formal way.

Any curriculum that you design for yourself is going to be better, even if it’s not the absolute perfect one.” Similarly, the feminism Westover espouses is defined almost entirely as unqualified support for women’s “choices.” This includes her own choice not to identify with—or ever reference its existence in her memoir—the Mormon Feminist movement that began in the 1970s and has gained particular momentum (and censure from the church) in the last twenty years.


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