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Said always carried with him the pain of not being able to return to his original home. Said’s vision and his hopes for a more peaceful Middle East remain alive. Mahmoud Darwish’s words, “Where can I free myself of the homeland in my body? On 24 September 2003, after enduring 12 years of unrelenting chronic lymphocytic leukemia, Edward W. Because of people like you, another world is possible.

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That photograph was published in several leading newspapers in the U. and the journalist Edward Alexander labeled Said “The Professor of Terror.” Said’s action was sharply criticized by right-wing students at Columbia University and by several Jewish organizations. If you can help today—because every gift of every size matters—please do.

To his credit, though, Columbia University’s provost published a five-page letter defending Said’s action as an academic freedom of expression saying, “To my knowledge, the stone was directed at no-one; no law was broken; no indictment was made; no criminal or civil action has been taken against Professor Said.” Said, an accomplished pianist himself, founded with his friend Daniel Barenboim the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, composed of Israeli, Palestinian and other Arab musicians.

Rather like our then-friend Noam Chomsky, Edward in the final instance believed that if the United States was doing something, then that thing could not by definition be a moral or ethical action.” ― tags: 1981, andalusia, antisemitism, ariel-sharon, azmi-bishara, baath-party, balkans, bill-clinton, bosnia-and-herzegovina, bosnian-war, caliphate, catholics, chemical-weapons, christians, cia, edward-said, fanaticism, fascism, fatah, gaza, halabja, halabja-poison-gas-attack, hamas, henry-kissinger, imperialism, iran, islam, islamism, israel, israelis, knesset, kosovo, kosovo-war, leftists, muslims, national-security, nazism, noam-chomsky, oil, palestinians, plo, politics-of-israel, propaganda, religious-extremism, saddam-hussein, spain, takbir, theocracy, united-states, war-crimes “In a public dialogue with Salman in London he [Edward Said] had once described the Palestinian plight as one where his people, expelled and dispossessed by Jewish victors, were in the unique historical position of being 'the victims of the victims': there was something quasi-Christian, I thought, in the apparent humility of that statement.” ― “There came an awful day when I picked up the phone and knew at once, as one does with some old friends even before they speak, that it was Edward.

He sounded as if he were calling from the bottom of a well.

I still thank my stars that I didn't say what I nearly said, because the good professor's phone pals were used to cheering or teasing him out of bouts of pessimism and insecurity when he would sometimes say ridiculous things like: 'I hope you don't mind being disturbed by some mere wog and upstart.' The remedy for this was not to indulge it but to reply with bracing and satirical stuff which would soon get the gurgling laugh back into his throat.

But I'm glad I didn't say, 'What, Edward, splashing about again in the waters of self-pity?Edward Said was perhaps one of the most profound analysts of the situation of the Palestinians, and one of the most vocal critics of the Israeli government’s policies towards them. Following the Six-Day War (5-10 June 1967,) Said worked hard to dispel the stereotyped misrepresentations of Arabs in the U. media, which had no bases in the political and historical realities of the Middle East.In that war, the combined armies of Egypt (known at the time as the United Arab Republic,) Jordan and Syria were crippled by Israel, which had in the United States a most powerful ally.Here were two majority-Muslim territories and populations being vilely mistreated by Orthodox and Catholic Christians. The state interests of Israel were not involved (indeed, Ariel Sharon publicly opposed the return of the Kosovar refugees to their homes on the grounds that it set an alarming—I want to say 'unsettling'—precedent).The usual national-security 'hawks,' like Henry Kissinger, were also strongly opposed to the mission.This I had known since seeing the burning out of leftist Palestinians by Muslim mobs in Gaza as early as 1981.Yet once again, it seemed Edward could only condemn Islamism if it could somehow be blamed on either Israel or the United States or the West, and not as a thing in itself.He sometimes employed the same sort of knight's move when discussing other Arabist movements, excoriating Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath Party, for example, mainly because it had once enjoyed the support of the CIA.But when Saddam was really being attacked, as in the case of his use of chemical weapons on noncombatants at Halabja, Edward gave second-hand currency to the falsified story that it had 'really' been the Iranians who had done it.One evening at Edward's apartment, with the other guest being the mercurial, courageous Azmi Bishara, then one of the more distinguished Arab members of the Israeli parliament, I was finally able to leave the arguing to someone else.Bishara [...] was quite shocked that Edward would not lend public support to Clinton for finally doing the right thing in the Balkans. I had begun by then—belatedly you may say—to guess.


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