Edward Snowden Essay

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These are people who spent their lives playing by the rules in a system controlled by a duopoly of power.

With two parties controlling the system, there is little that happens in Washington that is not predictable and often controlled.

There is no question that Snowden succeeded in forcing multiple task force investigations and a series of changes, including the claimed cessation of some aspects of these programmes.

What so many people around the world admire about Snowden is precisely what makes him such a hated figure within government.

An analysis of media interviews and articles shows that stakeholders who argue Snowden should be called a “hero” or “whistleblower” create that name for him by emphasizing in their talk how Snowden has sacrificed his own needs to protect the U. Snowden’s disclosure has yet to change a social context that favors government surveillance and secrecy over openness and transparency and a more limited interpretation of First Amendment rights.

Edward Snowden Essay

It is hard to imagine that just one year ago, Edward Snowden famously walked away.Clinton came off as a classic passive aggressive - expressing utter bewilderment over Snowden: "I was puzzled because we have all these protections for whistleblowers.If he were concerned and wanted to be part of the American debate, he could have been." Really, how?I represented the prior whistleblower who first revealed aspects of this programme years before Snowden.As I have testified in Congress, the whistleblower system referred to by Clinton is a colossal joke.He broke the rules and worse yet, embarrassed some of the most powerful leaders in Washington.He obviously broke the law in removing and disclosing classified information - material potentially harmful to the security of the United States.But in the case of former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden, U. society has been unable to finalize a name for his June 2013 decision to release classified NSA documents. government has always had to balance the need for data collection about potential threats and operational secrecy to maintain national security with the need for governmental openness and transparency expected in a democracy. However, Snowden believes this stance is actually harming the democracy rather than protecting it.Since that day, stakeholders such as politicians, government officials, and media commentators have been debating whether Snowden’s choice to disclose the documents should be viewed as “heroic” or “villainous.” Should he be deemed a “hero” or “whistleblower” who is attempting to protect U. democratic ideals by revealing how the NSA surveillance programs threaten free speech and privacy rights? courts interpret First Amendment rights in the future. Since the events of 9/11, the balance has leaned toward increased governmental surveillance and secrecy and decreased free speech and privacy rights as necessary for protecting the U. This belief led him to release secret NSA documents showing that the agency has been collecting data on the general U. public, an action he argues has exceeded the agency’s authority and violated the public’s First and Fourth Amendment rights of free speech and privacy. public adopts this name for Snowden, then it should respond positively to Snowden’s actions and praise them. Similarly, those who view Snowden as a “felon” emphasize in their talk how Snowden has violated an employment or security contract and stolen and released classified documents that could harm the United States.Of course, that would still make it untrue, but he has never been investigated, let alone prosecuted.While President Barack Obama would later insist that Snowden did not influence the various reforms implemented after his disclosure, few people believe that claim.


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