Effects Of Obesity In Essay

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The result of changes in how we live is that Americans consume more high glycemic foods than any other country in the world and we are the fattest people in the world! It is a fact that people who go most often to fast food restaurants gain weight and even eventually become obese and sick.

The most popular carbohydrates consumed by Americans, potatoes, French fries, potato chips, white bread, cold breakfast cereal, white rice, pizza, sodas, muffins, pancakes, sugar and jam are high glycemic with little if any nutritive value. Between fast foods and sodas we can probably lay most of the blame.

Sometimes there are complicated reasons behind all of these factors including one's attitudes and beliefs, environmental issues and even genetic tendencies.

The effects of obesity are soaring medical costs, increased family expenses, more restricted living and unhealthy children.

It has caused soaring rates of diabetes in this country. Obesity is costing us dearly in increased medical expenses and in the health of the people of this country.

According to the Health and Medical Research Foundation, the U. is the fattest country in the world with Russia a close second.

We see the toll it is taking in this country and now we are beginning to hear more and more reports from other countries that their rates of obesity and diabetes are going up.

Do we want the rest of the world to copy our mistakes?

Eating too many processed foods is a cause and the effect of obesity is an enormous rise in medical costs.

Since the 1970s we have increasingly become families with both adults working, leaving no one to manage the family meals, the cooking, planning and preparation.


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